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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 4, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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and good morning, i'm carol costello. we're live here in farmville, virginia, where vice presidential candidates mike pence and tim kaine face off tonight for their first and only debate. thank you so much for joining me. they stand in the shadow of their presidential running mates but tonight senator cain and governor pence have the spotlight to themselves. neither man is likely to win many votes tonight but they can certainly lose them and neither ticket can afford that in a race this close. new polling shows hillary clinton has seized the lead, now ahead of donald trump five points. and donald trump has lost ground. any signs of momentum loom large with the election now just 35 days away. trump trying to defuse a potential land mine, the report that he may have legally avoided paying federal income taxes for nearly two decades.
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>> i have brilliantly used those laws. i have often said on the campaign trail that i have a w fiduciary responsibility to pay no more tax than is required. >> in farmville virginia for tonight's debate at longwood university, phil, kick it off for us. >> good morning, carol. just in a few hours, obviously all eyes in the political world will be on that stage behind me but now of course it's the candidates themselves, the presidential candidates themselves that are drawing all the attention and it's about taxes. for hillary clinton's campaign, this should be considered a win. this is the issue they've wanted at the forefront of the campaign for week, month, begging donald trump to release his tax returns, attacking him repeatedly on the trail and in that first debate. donald trump is trying to spin it to his favor. take a listen to what he said yesterday in colorado.
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>> as a business person, i have legally used the tax laws to benefit, really, i mean, it's to my benefit, and to benefit of my company, my investors, my employees, my family. it's my job always to minimize the overall tax burden to the greatest extent possible. which allows me to reinvest in neighborhood workers, building amazing structures all over the place. and it fuels a tremendous growth in various communities throughout the united states. >> now, carol, this is a very important moment for the trump campaign. as you noted. only 35 days left until voters go to the polls on november 8th and the campaign is in danger after a very, very rough week of kind of losing control a little bit. that is why they have gone on offense. doesn't look like they're going to stop doing that. hillary clinton's campaign, they're going to try to get in the way. >> while millions of american
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families including mine and ours, were working hard, paying our fair share, it seems he was contributing nothing to our nations. in other words, trump was taking from america with both hands and leaving the rest of us with the bill. what kind of genius loses $1 billion in a single year? >> so obviously hillary clinton not holding off at all. you're going to hear that repeatedly when you talk to clinton vipzers in the days ahead. they think this say winning issue for them. if for no other reason than it takes donald trump off offense, it makes him defense himself. it's why that line, those lines he's trying out yesterday in colorado are so important going forward. carol, i want to go back to the polls that you mentioned in the open. this is a big swing and you talk about hillary clinton up five in our polling right now. last month, she was down two and there's a reason why. if you start to dig into the numbers a little bit as you look into this and it underscores why this tax issue is important. hillary clinton making gains
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among men, cutting the deficit there to donald trump by 17 but also making gains amongst white voters without college degrees. now, this is the core of donald trump's support. this is what's been driving donald trump's rise throughout the primaries and into this general election. while he still holds a very large lead there, hillary clinton cutting that deficit by almost 20 points in this poll. this is an area, when you talk about this tax issue, that the clinton campaign, while they don't, carol, expect to win that group at all, they feel these types of issues like minimum wage, on taxes, trying to attack donald trump on his business practice, are ways to make gains there. if they can make gains in that area, they certainly would be in much better shape. something to keep an eye on as these polling numbers continue to go out in the wake of what has undoubtedly been a tough week for donald trump, a week he's trying to turn around now. >> all right, phil mattingly, reporting live for us this morning. all this stuff is weighing on the minds of the two vice presidential candidates. what can we expect tonight?
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good morning. >> good morning, carol. a lot at stake tonight, given this is the first and only chance for these vice presidential candidates to introduce themselves to the american public on that national debate stage. i really do think that sort of pressure is reflected in the level of preparation each candidate is bringing. they both seem to really be attacking the debate prep for the last days and months in a serious disciplined consistent way. we know they've both been steadily enough for weeks and months. they've been conducting mock debates with stand-ins for each of their opponents. certainly if you are mike pence going into tonight's debate, you have to know you are going to be put on the spot, defending donald trump's taxes, the controversy around his taxes, and have to try to play clean-up a bit. we did hear from mike pence yesterday when he was campaigning here in virginia. he spoke about the direction that he wants to take this debate, really hinting that he is readying a big attack on senator tim kaine's record here
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as governor in virginia. >> i do expect we'll be talking -- we're going to talking about the choice the american people face. i hope we get to talk about our records as well because they're just a little bit different. i mean, when tim kaine was governor, he actually tried to raise taxes by $4 billion in four years. state of indiana, i've signed more than $3.5 billion in tax relief for working families, small businesses and family farms. >> now, going into tonight, the expectations, so important. if you look at the latest cnn poll, the matchup between these two vice presidential contenders, they are locked in a dead heat. more important than that is that a quarter of those polled said they are unsure and really don't have an opinion of either candidate. for each of these candidates, is a big potential -- where they can potentially change minds,
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where they can introduce themselves, and what makes tonight such a big night for both of them, carol. >> thank you so much. all eyes on the vp candidates tonight but the talk may revolve around the top of the ticket, tax, foundations, e-mails and likability very much on the tae table. the democrats are already on the attack. here's what vice president told cnn this morning. >> in a penthouse, overlooking the world, doesn't feel any obligation to pay any income tax, to support the military, to support our foreign policy. since when is that patriotic thing to do? can you imagine any other president, any other president to say that and be proud of that? i can't fathom it. >> so let's talk about this. with me now, jackie kucinich, washington bureau chief for the daily beast and a cnn
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contributor. heidi prisbella for "usa today" and mark preston is cnn politics editor. good conversation, i can't wait. mark, analysts say vp debates can't win elections for their running mates but they can lose them. so what do these two men have to watch out for tonight? >> couple things. mike pence, as we expect, is going to try to steer the conversation towards tim kaine. it takes all the spotlight off of him trying to answer for donald trump. at the same type, you're going to see tim kaine try to talk all about donald trump. of course, he'll sprinkle in why we think hillary clinton will be a better president. to the point, for today and tonight, you have hillary clinton with momentum. you have donald trump, you know, who feels like he's decreasing in his momentum. if pens has a solid showing tonight, that will give a boost for the trump campaign when they really need it. if mike pence comes in flat, the
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narrative tomorrow will be this is a strong ticket heading into the next debate. >> mike pence has some ammo of his own, he can talk about the e-mail scandal in perhaps a more effective way than donald trump did and actually concentrate on that issue and pound away in a different way than donald trump -- >> in fact, mike pence is doing some things differently than donald trump which is he's been preparing very much for this debate, as we're told, with governor walker and others around him, and that he will try to do what donald trump didn't accomplish in his debate which is to land some of those punches. even if the moderator doesn't ask you about them, we all know his mission is to bring up the foundation, to bring up libya, to bring up the e-mails, and to try and shift the narrative a bit and put tim kaine and hillary clinton, try them, put them on the offense, like mark said so at least for the next several days they have a little bit of headline momentum on their side. >> the weird thing for mike pence though, jackie, his views seem to differ from donald
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trump's many times. i have a few xexamples to share with our viewers. this is on the issue of global warming. let's listen. >> think that they'll be little change here. it will go up, it will get a little cooler, it will get a little warmer like it always has for millions of years. it will get cooler, it will get warmer. it's called weather. i believe strongly in clean water and clean air, but i don't believe what they say. i think it's a big scam for a lot of people to make a lot of money. >> well, look, there's no question that the activities that take place in this country and in countries around the world have some impact on the environment and some impact on climate. >> okay, so i have one more example to share. it concerns the iraq war and the support or not thereof. let's listen. >> i rise in support of the resolution authorizing the use of force against iraq. >> we did go to war, if you
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remember. we went to iraq. >> yes, you went to iraq, but that was handled so badly. that was a war, by the way, that was a war we shouldn't have entered. iraq did not -- >> your running mate voted for it. >> i don't care. >> what do you mean you don't care that he voted? >> it's a long time ago and he voted that way and they were also misled. a lot of information -- >> but you harped on this. >> i was against it, the war in iraq, from the beginning. >> but you used that vote of hillary's that was the same as governor pence -- >> many people were -- >> as an example of her bad judgment -- >> frankly, i'm one the few that was right on iraq -- >> yes, but he did. >> he's entitled to make a mistake every once in a while. >> but she's not? >> no, she's not. >> that says it all. >> so we all know -- okay, so can tim kaine, jackie, just look at mike pence and say, look, you don't even agree with donald trump? >> it's an interesting line that mike pence is trying to walk because he has played clean-up
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quite a bit over the course of the campaign. mike pence has to look like a team player. he's also looking at his political future. this is someone who's very young who wants to be in politics long after this campaign. he might -- he's got his eye on 2020 for goodness sake, if donald trump isn't successful. so mike pence has been sort of walking this line but you have to expect he's going to have an answer and mike pence is a smart guy. you have to imagine he will. >> he's also a christian conservative, right? >> yes. >> so donald trump, i'll pose this to you, mark, is called -- you know what he said about women. alicia machado, the miss piggy thing, the not paying any income taxes and being proud and a good businessman, you know, there's an abortion question here. i'm not really sure where donald trump stands on that. he says he's pro-life now but what will he do about it, he hasn't exactly said. mike pence is sure about what he would do about roe v. wade, he would try to get it overturned. as a christian conservative, how
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does mike pence walk that line that jackie's talking about? >> how does he square that? it's been very difficult for him. donald trump in many ways is the antithesis of mike pence. mike pence is this very genial, not an outlandish type of fellow. very conservative. he calls himself a christian, a conservative and then a republican in that order. so he's very specific about that. he himself thought about running. you know this time around. as jackie said, it's very much on the table. i think really what it comes down to is look, he has to be supportive of donald trump on the ticket. but what you will hear from social conservatives who don't believe in everything donald trump says is that it companies down to the supreme court and that donald trump has assured them that he will put very conservative jurists on the supreme court and that in itself for many social conservatives, perhaps for mike pence, is enough. >> i think social issues will come up in tonight's debate like it hasn't in the presidential debates which is unusual in a presidential election, right, because the rnc already released
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this ad and it criticizes tim kaine for being a defense attorney and defending these terrible people, right, i'll just let the ad speak for itself. here it is. >> brutally murdered three people. as governor, tim kaine commuted his sentence. this person and his girlfriend murdered derek, stabbing him to death in his home. on his last day of governor, tim cain tried to have him send to germany where peril would have been possible in just two years. tim kaine, he has a passion for defending the wrong people. america deserves better. >> okay, so heidi, some are like comparing that to that infamous willie horton ad, right. >> some, including apparently the rnc spokesman who had to delete his tweet last night comparing it to willie horton ad which of course lives in infamy
7:15 am
as one of the all-time great smear ads of political campaigns. could i see why he would want to delete that. but ultimately this is not going to be effective. jackie and i were discussing this before the show. tim kaine's principled opposition to capital punishment is grounded in his faith, grounded in his catholicism which is something very much in line with the republican base actually as well as a lot of independent voters. i just don't think this is as well as an ad going after the number two on the ticket, so i just don't think this is going to have nearly the same effect as the willie horton ad will really became kind of the linchpin of waters' advertising campaign, effective advertising campaign against dukakis. >> what were republicans trying to do by releasing this ad? >> seems like they're trying to fire the first shot. if you look at the new cnn poll, 30% of people, both of these guys, either have in opinion or don't know who they are.
7:16 am
so the effort to define hillary's running mate before anyone really knows who he is, it's always hard with us. we've known these people since the beginning. that seems like what they're trying to do. you can't trust this guy. he's not going to keep you safe. >> it's worth saying they're trying to change the message right now because all the negative stories had been about donald trump. you put an ad out like this, what they're trying to do is take us off topic of what's happening with trump. >> that part worked, right? >> a little bit. >> mark, heidi, jackie, thank you so much for being with me. coming up in the "newsroom," a quick reminder, tonight marks the first and only time the vice presidential candidates will make their caisson tse on the s debate stage. you can catch it right here beginning at 4:00 p.m. eastern. a fellow billionaire lights into trump on taxes. up next, wine the co-founder of linked in lashed out.
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all right, welcome back. we're live in farmville, virginia. mr. trump is still taking heat on his tax controversy. a co-founder of linked in and fellow billionaire slammed trump over his big loss and his use of federal loopholes. listen. >> losing nearly $1 billion actually, in fact, doesn't make you a very successful businessman and doesn't actually make you brilliant. it's really awkward, almost indecent, to be claiming i am a great public servant, want to serve you, and by the way, i go through enormous amounts of energy to avoid contributing my fair share into the common coffers. >> this, as a new cnn/orc poll shows 8 out of 10 trump voters say paying taxes is, quote, civic duty. our cnn political commentators. suzanne palmers is a former
7:22 am
supporter for a presidential campaign. scottie nell hughes is a former trump supporter. you heard what the linked in guy said. you saw that even trump voters say it's like a civic duty to pay income taxes. >> nothing has said he has not paid taxes. he just hasn't produced the documents to show how much. >> he didn't dispute anything in "the new york times" article which makes me believe he really didn't pay federal income taxes for the last 18 years. >> he's not going to add into the narrative of a legal document published by "the new york times." >> he's not disputing the document -- >> but he's disputing it's illegal, they should not have published it without his release. "the new york times" says we don't care about the law -- >> that said, it's out there and people have said it and it is an accurate document. >> that is true, but one thing is is this is the same game from an old playbook we saw in 2012 with harry reid who cape out,
7:23 am
huffington post afterward said it was a rehearsed practiced lie. harry reid's comments about pressing mitt romney to do his taxes, to release his taxes. said, you know what, i had no regret. so this is just the same game the democrats play in order -- >> you're saying this won't matter at all? >> because the majority -- unless you're an american and you go into your account every year and say don't give me any deductions, then you might have -- >> i couldn't go into my accountant and said, you know what, i suffered this loss and i don't want to pay any federal income taxes. i can't do that. only people who make as much money as mr. trump can do that. >> hillary clinton did the same thing, "the new york times" did the same thing. this is something -- this is a standard practice by most people -- >> i don't know about hillary clinton but delta airlines did the same thing. does scottie have a point, simone? >> i want to know, there's a difference between $700,000 and $1 billion and donald trump has no one to blame but himself for
7:24 am
this loss of $1 billion. i do think we have to make note of is look, donald trump was maybe a brown or black skinned man named donny and worked a regular job, he probably wouldn't be running for president, he'd probably be in jail for tax evasion. it is a provision of privilege because donald trump is a man of many means to employ these tactics. this is not going to fly with every day american voters, you know, people that work on main street and for maybe trump supporters, it won't make a difference. but people whom mr. trump is going to to try to win over it definitely does. >> nothing illegal has been done here. that's something across the board. everybody's saying nothing illegal has been done. the reason why mr. trump paid more is because he made more. he made more jobs. he createded more money he put into the economy. an economy underneath bill clinton that were hurting for those who were developers. it is documented that under bill clinton, the economy enjoyed one of the most prosperous times, like, in -- >> main street did. >> -- i would also like to note
7:25 am
just because something is legal doesn't make it right. slavery was legal for a really long time. there are lots of things. it was legal -- like domestic violence wasn't frowned upon -- >> take it up with your candidate because she did the exact same thing. 71,000 businesses failed, owing $36 million that same year as donald trump. >> look, i think that's what's important to know, we're talking about winning an election. i know donald trump likes to boast he won 10 million or so odd votes in the primary campaign, but to be president, you need upwards of 75 million voters. things like this makes a difference. if donald trump is a person who an advocating for working class people that the democrats and republicans have left out and left behind for so long, someone who willingly boasts about evading the tax system to pad his own pockets and protect his own interest is not somebody would identifies with regular, hard-working people.
7:26 am
>> nearly $1 billion loss in that single year which is a big look right, he's saying that i showed i can get myself out of it, and he's sort of portraying himself as this underdog who can overcome hardship. but how could he be an underdog when he's always been wealthy? it's not like he went broke after that, because he didn't. he still had $400,000 every single month to live on during that time. so how is he the underdog? >> well, he never hid it in that time. he actually wrote a e-mail published that same year saying this is tough, this is a tough economy now for builders and developers. and the laws are written for real estate developers to be able to write off enough so they turn around and reinvest and create jobs. >> but when his casinos closed down in atlantic city, people lost jobs and many contractors weren't paid. >> because in an economy and stifling government regulations underneath a democrat mayor and a democrat president.
7:27 am
this is the bill clinton economy we were in. the '90s were roaring -- >> main street -- >> people were very -- >> but losing money -- >> then how did 71,000 businesses go under that year alone -- >> maybe because they were bad businessmen. >> you know what, this is why this speaks to the american people. mr. trump said despite the economy, what was going on, i still re-emergeled -- >> no, he did nothing -- >> all right, i got to leave it there. simone sanders, scottie nell hughes, thanks so much for a spirited conversation. i know my executive producer michelle was trying to say something in my ear. am i missing a breaking news event? nope, we're just going to the next debate. what's it like to debate tim kaine? my next guest actually knows the answer to that question it we'll get insights to the former virginia governor and senator george allen next. [ crowd noise ]
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good morning, i'm carol costello, live from farmville, virginia. the site of tonight's vice presidential debate. thanks for joining me this morning. my next guest knows what it's like to face off against tim kaine. his name is george allen. like tim kaine, he is a former senator and governor. he and tim kaine went head to head in the battle to be the next governor. >> i think it is very wrong to use the 200,000 men and women in
7:33 am
virginia whose jobs are threatened by the sequestration deal that i oppose and tim has said in debates is the right thing to do. they should never be used as a political bargaining chip to raise taxes. >> george, you started your answer by saying i'm trying to hold the military hostage to raise taxes. >> no, i said the 200,000 -- >> you and i are both -- you and i are both fathers. and this one is very personal to me. >> i talked about the men and women working -- >> let him answer. >> i have a son who has just started a career in the military. i'm not going to do things that will hurt the troops or hurt defense. >> cain would go on to win that particular election. george al joins me now from washington, welcome, sir. >> good morning, carol, you're lucky to be in farmville. that brings back memories. >> i am, oh, it's gorgeous here, and the university's great and students have been great. yes. senator allen, when we showed
7:34 am
that clip of your debating governor kaine, did it take you back? what went through your mind? >> tim kaine is a very skillful and articulate debater. i think governor pence can match him. what reminded me of that, it was at virginia tech. here you're going to be in farmville, virginia. virginia tech, i commended tim kaine for his efforts as governor after the terrible tragedy and shootings on that campus. where you are is a place where as a senator about ten years ago i led what's called a civil rights pilgrimage where the faith and politics pilgrimage to understand what happened there in farmville. many, many years ago where they shut down the schools rather than integrate. and the very poignant hardships and -- that people have to struggle through and families separated and children, some sent all the wait to iowa to get an education. those schools were shut down in
7:35 am
prince edward county i think for five years. that's going to come up somehow in this debate and tim will bring it up and he'll probably bring it up, home field advantage. but it will fit into a narrative he'll talk about as a civil rights attorney, what his father-in-law did, and how our country needs to be together rather than divisive. >> well, exactly. so as you know, donald trump is having a problem with minority voters, especially african-american voters. tim kaine will most definitely bring that up. how should mike pence respond? >> well, i think mike pence should respond that our aspirations in america are for everyone, regardless of their race, their ethnicity, their religious beliefs or their sexual orientation, ought to have an equal opportunity to compete and succeed in america. and how his ideas and that of his candidacy, with mr. trump, are to make america's tax code more competitive internationally rather than the worst in the
7:36 am
world and look at how we can reduce some of these very onerous excessive burdensome regulations on small businesses and also how we can unleash the blessings of our american energy resources to make our country more competitive and provide more opportunities for all americans. so i think that's the way that he can make all those principles relevant today and for our future. >> i'd like to focus a little bit on mr. trump because -- it seems all i have read -- yes, he will definitely be the focus of tonight's debate, even though it's the vp debate. but do you strongly support donald trump? do you tepidly support him? how would you characterize your support? >> just what i -- right. well, carol, i was originally for marco rubio and campaigned all throughout virginia for marco rubio. and donald trump won the
7:37 am
nomination. that's who the voters voted for in the republican primaries. it's a choice. i do have some reservations with mr. trump. but comparing him to hillary clinton who's a liberal whose policies i think would be very harmful for our country. i look at the ideas and issues that trump/pence campaign are advocating on tax reform and rethinking some of the -- all this red tape that's so much of a burden on businesses, especially small businesses. i like his energy policies. tim kaine who switched his position on offshore drilling off virginia and is for cap and trade -- >> are you going to vote for trump? >> i will vote for the businessman who i think has best ideas to provide more job opportunities. >> despite the possibility that mr. trump has not paid income taxes for 18 years? >> well, if you're going to -- yes, he'll have to explain that
7:38 am
but no one has said what he's done is illegal. maybe he's had a bad year and you carry forward losses. people mostly i think are going to care about their own tax returns. it's clear that the clinto clinton/kaine wants to increase taxes. on people earning as little as 17,000 -- >> senator, how can donald trump explain this almost $1 billion loss in a single year? when you say he's a great business man? that's a lot of money to lose. >> they'll have to explain it. it's all i can do to figure out my own taxes, much less figure out his and what depreciation or tax credits or whatever may be in there. if it's legal, it's legal. now, the thing that ought to be done is talk about how we ought to have a more fair, more simple and more competitive tax code for individuals as well as for businesses. >> and i feel like i must ask you about the things that donald
7:39 am
trump has said about the former miss universe, alicia machado, doubling down on her weight issues, and saying other things derogatory toward women. did that enter into your decision about whether you would vote for donald trump as well? >> those are some of the reservations i have, carol. i think it's not only wrong to do it, i think it's a distraction. people don't care about judges. they don't care about trump university. they don't care about miss universe of 20 years ago. what they care about is how we're going to move our country forward. how are we going to make our country a land of opportunity for all? and what are your specific positive constructive ideas to get america competing to win again? and i would hope that this debate and future discussions will be focused on that and not tweets on irrelevant detractive issues. >> all right, former governor george allen, thank you for being with me this morning. still to come, students will
7:40 am
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and ask for your free guide. students here in longwood university are set to pack tonight's debate crowd. 60% would pick clinton be in a two-way matchup with trump. and of course there's a lot of interest in gary johnson as well, right? with me, the president of the college democrats here at longwood university and ann
7:45 am
molina, with the republicans at longwood. thank you to both of you. you saw the numbers there. most young voters seem to be going hillary clinton's way. why do you think that is? >> i'm not sure why they seem to be going hillary clinton's way. they're graduating into an economy that she's helped. unable to find jobs so in my opinion i would be a little bit angry at this administration and sick of the liberal policies of the last eight years and ready for four years of something new. >> so i'll give you your chance to weigh in on your candidate. who seems to be going well but really national polls show that young people really aren't so into hillary clinton either. a lot of young people are looking towards a third party candidate. >> a lot of that has been because there's so much mudslinging among the presidential candidates. when you delve into the policies of hillary clinton, you start to understand her policies benefit young people much more. she's looking into things like affordable college for students and health care, things like that. things that affect us daily.
7:46 am
and we're tired of the mudslinging. with want to hear about the issues. once we start hearing about the issues, hillary clinton will gain much more traction. >> you really think the mudslinging is going to stop? >> in tonight's debate, i hope it stop these two tonight. will be be a little more classy. >> now wait a minute, when you say these two tonight, they seem to be a little more classy. >> the two vice presidential candidates in my opinion, i think joe's opinion as well are a little more classy. we're both hoping they'll focus more so on policy tonight versus the personal attacks. >> do you kind of wish these two were running for president rather than the other two? >> i wouldn't say necessarily that i wish they were running for president than the other two. however, i wish that the majority of the media would focus more on the issues with the other two, rather than their personal attacks and whatnot. they seem to do that more with the vice presidential candidates and that's what we have to see tonight. >> well, many members of the media would say that's because donald trump is good at throwing
7:47 am
these zingers out and they never seem to end. so do you wish that he would just be more classy? >> i wish that both of them would be more classy. i think there's some important things to talk about between the the two that can be talked about without throwing mud. obviously trump's taxes, hillary clinton's benghazi issue, things like that, that definitely need to be talked about, but that can be talked about without throwing mud. >> why do you think the political discourse is so source coarse at this moment of time? >> a lot of it has to do with the stagnation of our government. i think when we have gridlock in congress, people get frustrated because we don't see a lot getting done on either side. when you have that for years and years and year, you stop seeing progress. and one way or the other, people are going to get frustrated and start to push back. >> okay, so are you guys going to be voting for the first time this year? >> yes. first presidential election. >> okay, so this is your very first presidential election. and it's like no election ever. you'll just have to believe me,
7:48 am
it's not. so how do you think that will form your political opinions going forward? >> this election? >> yes. >> i think that my opinions are pretty firm, regardless of what the republican candidate or the democratic candidate is saying, my opinions are going to remain the same, no matter what they say. i always say i'm a christian first, conservative second, republican third, in that order. so mine are going to stay the same regardless. >> so but as far as, like, your perception of who runs to be president of the united states, do you think it's the best america has to offer? >> no, not at all. >> what do you think? >> i think especially looking forward to my political future and my voting future, i'm going to vote for candidates that don't do the mudslinging, that get down to the issues and really talk about what's going on with the american people. this issue -- this election point -- or this election i think is a turning point in the
7:49 am
american political system, especially where millennials who are often written off, they'll say we don't vote, we don't participate, i think this election will change that. voting is a habit. if the majority of our generation participates in this election, i think it's going to be a lifelong habit they'll continue in the future. >> so are you interested in entering political life? >> yes, ma'am. hopefully in the future to join state legislature or national legislature. >> how about you, melina? >> yes, we both talked about it and we both plan to do a couple bipartisan things once we're elected. >> get out, really? >> yes, we have some good plans. >> we actually planned a student debate we had on campus where we had over 400 students in attendance along with a politics club that helped. you know, working together, we've shown what republicans and democrats who disagree on almost everything between me and her at least can work together and actually get things done. >> a few of these interviews -- >> that makes me so happy to hear. i'm sure my viewers feel the
7:50 am
same way. carry on the good fight. i like hearing that. thank you both for joining me. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix. by the time i was 30, i said "that's it, i'm a smoker for life." i wanted to be a non-smoker and i did it thanks to chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your
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hurricane matthew now h hitting. let's head to cnn meteorologist chad myers. >> really, the swecouthwest cor of haiti, right there, just smashed this morning with storm surge, wind and flooding. 145 miles per hour. now, the eye is gone now. which tells me the storm has lost intensity because of its interaction with land. also the hurricane hunter just flew through this storm and found 125 miles per hour, not 145 any longer. now, it still could gain strength up here in the bahamas and become a category 4 again but i believe the 11:00 advisory will probably remove that category 4 from it. the storm, significant storm, smashing on land at 1:45. i don't even think i can imagine what 175 mile per hour gusts feels like. still moving to the north at 9
7:55 am
miles an hour. it's now south of the tip of cuba by about 125 miles or so. moving at 10 miles per hour. that's still an 8 to 10 hour, maybe 12 hour drive away before you finally get there. it is still right now a category 4. the 11:00 advisory will update that for you. and we'll get back to that as soon as we have those numbers. there's the storm smashing into haiti this morning. eventually, will cross into cuba. and 145. this, even if it's dying, could still possibly be 125 in the bahamas. likely somewhere closer up here into the cape hatteras or maybe cape canaveral area as category 2 or 3. 120 miles per hour. that is thursday night into friday morning. that is a significant storm. carol, look at the cone, though, because it is possible that this makes landfall, south florida. it's also possible, the new model's saying so, somewhere in the carolinas as a major hurricane. keep watching. >> they are preparing in florida right now.
7:56 am
chad myers, many thanks. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" after a break. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide.
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what kind of genius loses $1 billion in a single year? >> hillary clinton has never created a single job in her life. >> he started his business with a $14 million loan from his father. >> hasn't made an honest dollar in her life. >> where in the hell is he from? >> when tim kaine was governor, he actually tried to raise taxes by $4 billion. >> he ran a one-man crusade to allow indiana businesses to discriminate against


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